Burn Prevention

Prevent burns and scalds in the kitchen:

  • Place objects so that they cannot be pulled down or
    knocked over.
  • Turn pot handles away from the stove’s edge.
  • Use dry oven mitts or potholders. Hot cookware can heat
    moisture in a potholder or hot pad, resulting in a scald burn.
  • Wear short, close-fitting or tightly rolled sleeves when cooking.
    Have a “kid-free zone” of at least 3 feet around the stove.

General first aid for burns and scalds:

  • Treat a burn right away by putting it in cool water. Cool
    the burn for three to five minutes.
  • Cover burn with a clean, dry cloth. Do not apply creams,
    ointments, sprays or other home remedies.
  • Remove all clothing, diapers, jewelry and metal from the
    burned area. These can hide underlying burns and retain

    heat, which can increase skin damage.